Analyzing the Alice in Wonderland Slot Game

Let’s not sugarcoat this, okay? The stories of Alice in Wonderland are well-known; who doesn’t know them? After all, it was originally published in 1865 by English author Lewis Carroll and has since made its way to movie theaters. This has been done several times, but always with Alice disappearing down a rabbit hole into a fantastical alternate reality. There, she meets a wide variety of strange animals and people who all seem to go about their days in their own unique ways. The piece is widely regarded as a masterpiece of the nonsensical genre in literature. The story’s widespread appeal has resulted in a slew of video game adaptations. The Alice in Wonderland product from Arrows Edge is one of the lucky ones. Playing it will reveal immediately that it is a highly entertaining experience. You get to meet the other characters as you spin the reels while Alice watches from the sidelines.

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!

Incredibly gorgeous visuals may be seen in the design of this game. The reels stand out against the flowering fields and lush vegetation in the background. There are a total of five reels and three rows available on the interface. Each icon type has its own specific placement on this grid. Some of these may ring a bell based on your experience with the movies, while others will remind you more of the source material in book form. Frog, Turtle, Duchess, Father, and Mouse are only five of the many icons available. The last four signs, the Queen, King, Caterpillar, and Cat, have now joined them. These constitute the game’s primary graphical elements.

In addition, there are 243 potential winning combinations built into the design of the game. This effectively precludes any form of individualized adjustment to the number of concurrent wagers. Instead, this is the fixed number of potential wins you’ll be dealing with in every game. But you can adjust your bet amount before each spin if you choose. The arrows on either side of the ‘Total Bet’ box allow you to make these adjustments. Here, you can set your wager to anywhere from £0.40 and £240 every spin. The ‘Max Bet’ option also takes you to this level. A separate ‘Autoplay’ option is also provided. So long as you keep your bet the same, you can spin the reels as many as fifty times in a row.

Show up for the Tea Party

With such fantastic protagonists and plots, the game must surely have engaging bonus features, right? We checked, and Alice in Dreamland does provide a respectable variety of discounts. The March Hare serves as its wild mascot and the first of these features. When a wild appears, it can stand in for any regular reel symbol. However, there is an additional benefit. If a winning combination includes a spinning wild, the bonus feature activates. Your potential payout is increased by a factor of up to three thanks to this.

The Mad Hatter himself serves as the game’s own unique scatter emblem. As a scatter, it can show up anywhere and still produce a payout. In order to unlock the game’s 10-spin free-play bonus, you must bring at least three of these symbols into view. In addition to being able to substitute for other symbols, the wild in this game can also act as a scatter. And the wild spins function will still be active here. Free spins are awarded in increments of 10 for a multiplier of 1, 20 for a multiplier of 2, and 30 for a multiplier of 3.

Finally, the ‘Drink Me’ bonus round is triggered by lining up three or more bonus icons, which are Alice symbols. In this round, you can either “Drink Me” with a bottle or “Eat Me” with a cake. Then, a bonus win or loss will appear, and you may decide whether to keep it or go for the other option. If a combination that triggers the feature contains a wild, the wild will spin. The ‘Mushroom Bonus’ is triggered by a multiplier of two, while the ‘Croquet Bonus’ is triggered by a multiplier of three.

The Last Word

Honestly, we’re hooked on this game and can’t stop playing it. It’s funny in all the best ways, which is saying a lot. It also succeeds in offering a fresh perspective on the classic story. As a slot game, it’s also surprisingly modern, with just the right amount of nostalgia along with some welcome innovation.

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